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Why Hire a Mason Contractor?


A masonry contractor is someone who does brick or stone work into your house regardless if it is in the sidewalk, fireplace, porch and so forth. If this is only your first time getting their service, then there are a handful of things that you must know before hiring them. One very important thing that you must be aware of is, the mason should have the training and qualifications in working with different types of materials used for masonry works.


Some of these materials are natural rock, stone, ceramic, concrete brick or terra cotta tiles. Remember that not all the masonry contractors share the same level of experience or skills so make it a point that you've done research on your prospects before getting their service. This is necessary if you want to be certain that you are working only with those who can deliver the results you're expecting.


Assuming that you got the names of masons, your next course of action is to contact them and set a meeting in your house so by that, they can inspect it personally and give you a quotation. Check if they're certified and if they have general contractor license once you got the estimate for the project you like to do. And if they say yes, verify it by asking them to show it to you. If it's in the shop however, jot it down and set a schedule to visit their office and check it out.


It is a must that you ask the Warrensburg Masonry contractor that you want to hire to when they expect the job will be done. While it is hard to get a specific time of completion for the stone because of unexpected events, still the contractor should give you a rough figure of when they can complete it.


Be sure that the contractor can provide you a list of references of people they have serviced before. At least 3 names and their contact info as well should be provided to you by the masonry contractor at http://montanatileandmasonry.com/ you are talking to. Once you got the list, call them and inquire if they are happy and satisfied with the work of the mason and on how they would rate their service. You have to ask the contractor as well if they have insurance, what are their payment schedule and to who is the one in charge for buying the materials. You must figure out who'll be doing the cleanup once the project is done, will they leave the site as is or cleaning is also part of their service?